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Imaani :: Live Without Love

Imaani :: Live Without Love

Imaani – Live Without Love


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General Release Date : 23/09/2013
1. Live Without Love (Reel People Vocal Mix)
2. Live Without Love (Reel People Instrumental Mix)
3. Live Without Love (Reel People Reprise)
4. Live Without Love (Reel People Reprise Instrumental)
5. Live Without Love (Reel People Bonus Beats)

REEL PEOPLE MUSIC are delighted to present the new single ‘LIVE WITHOUT LOVE’ by IMAANI.

Produced by REEL PEOPLE, the new single is another heart felt song written and performed by one of the UK’s most natural and beautiful artists, IMAANI.

IMAANI’s career has been quite a journey for this country girl from Derby who jumped on a train to London at the age of 19 and never looked back.

Nurtured by the legendary JOCELYN BROWN, IMAANI’s talent was soon discovered with cousins CARLEEN & JHELISA ANDERSON & TALKIN LOUD’s URBAN SPECIES all taking her on tour.

British Soul Institution INCOGNITO was IMAANI’s next port of call as she became a permanent fixture on their perpetual live show and on numerous albums.

Another highlight and in her own words ‘the biggest night of my life’ saw IMAANI perform to well over 100 million people and finish second in the 1998 EUROVISION SONG CONTEST.

Moving into the dance world, IMAANI teamed up with COPYRIGHT, delivering the anthems ‘WIZEMAN’, ‘BRING ME LOVE’ & ‘NOBODY’, all on DEFECTED RECORDS.

In the last 3 years another blossoming partnership has been that of IMAANI & THE LAYABOUTS, firstly through the boys remix of her single ‘FOUND MY LIGHT’ and latterly with ‘FEARLESS’ & ‘TOO LATE’ both songs featuring on the album FUTURE RETRO.

2013 will see the release of IMAANI’s debut solo album.

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